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Regenerative Medicine Therapy Palo Alto | Joint Pain Treatment

To us, health is important for optimal performance. We prefer to work on the whole individual, because if we’re healthy inside, we’ll be healthy outside and age a little slower as well. Our physicians have years of experience with improving joint injuries and joint conditions that may affect a person’s ability to function normally. Combining our interests in optimal healthcare for our patients with extensive experience in regenerative medicine, having performed thousands of procedures, we should be your first call for regenerative medicine to rejuvenate your joints.

When needed, we also use specialized equipment to help place the cells in just the right location. Our physicians have performed thousands of procedures, and the entire procedure, from start to finish, is performed in one afternoon at our state-of the-art office in Palo Alto. We have also accommodated patients from out of the area who’ve flown in the morning of the procedure and returned home as quickly as the next day.

Regenerative Medicine Therapy Palo Alto | Joint Pain Treatment

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Regenerative Medicine Of Palo Alto is located in Palo Alto, CA. At our Palo Alto office, our physicians are well-rounded in preventive medicine and anti-aging procedures. Regenerative Medicine Of Palo Alto is a non-invasive, regenerative medicine procedure with little or no downtime. Our non-invasive regenerative medicine therapies help restore youthfulness by repairing and rejuvenating the targeted skin tissue.

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Regenerative Medicine Therapy Palo Alto | Joint Pain Treatment

Regenerative Medicine Injections

The aging process and recurring injuries weakens regenerative medicines, causing them to become overwhelmed, and hindering our body’s ability to heal properly. Regenerative Medicine Therapy assists those overwhelmed cells by strengthening their capacity to heal, and ultimately promoting natural repair and regeneration.

Regenerative Medicine Therapy Palo Alto | Joint Pain Treatment

Plasma Injections

PRP therapy is a non-surgical blood therapy procedure that was created to assist patients in their recovery from joint pain, soft tissue conditions, or muscle conditions. This inexpensive therapy may have a significant contribution to the recovery from some orthopedic injuries and conditions.